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ADINA CRAWFORD10205950391416999.jpg

My name is Adina Crawford and I reside in the suburbs of the nation’s capital. I am a manager of a 24/7 unit for a local police agency. I am what you call a late bloomer to fitness. I did not become active until about 10 years ago, and since then I have been NON-STOP. I completed my first 5k in 2005 with Fleet Feet and soon after became a mentor for their running program. I immediately jumped from the 5k world to the half marathon world. Today, I have completed over a dozen half marathons, several 5k's, 10k's and indoor triathlons. I love my life of fitness, as it has afforded me the opportunity to work with some amazing people. I am a Coordinator for Black Girls Run and recently was elevated to Lead Ambassador for the DMV (DC, MD & VA) area. I am also one of many wellness champions for the agency in which I am employed with. I am part of another running group with amazing mothers whose focus is fitness (Germantown Moms Run This Town).  This journey of fitness has it’s ups and downs, but I try to keep a positive mindset and just keep moving. What's next for me? I am coordinating an event with my other BGR ambassadors for Kevin Hart's new movie, which involves fitness; partnering with REI on several fitness missions for the ladies; and our 5 year run anniversary with some spectacular people. My most recent achievement was becoming a half fanatic which comprised of running 3 half marathons in 90 days. I believe when you have the right mindset, support from family and friends and trust your inner self, you can do ANYTHING!

Upcoming Races: Sweat Your Sole Conference for BGR in Atlanta, Georgia and 3 day run Fri, Sat Sun on the island of Hilton Head SC.


ALEXIS MOWATalexis-mowat-spandits.jpg

You can usually find me out on the road or trails because I’m easy to spot in my Spandits!® gear! Running is my happy place, and I enjoy the camaraderie that running brings to my life. I have been running for many years on both road and trail and various distances from 5k to marathons. A few years ago, I discovered a new passion - running Ragnar Relay races! I have run 14 to date! These races make running a team sport where a team of 12 people run relay style over 200 miles! I’m also a bit crazy because I have completed 3 Ultra Ragnars, in which only 6 people run 200 miles! I love to push myself to achieve new goals and also share my love of running with others. My goals this year are to run Ragnar Relay Trail at the Grand Tetons and also Ragnar Relay Hawaii as part of an Ultra team. Next year? Maybe a 50K? Maybe a 50 miler?!

When I’m not training or running a race, I’m running after my two highly active kids – a 9 year old and a 6 year old – and keeping up with my soccer-playing, hiking-loving husband. If that’s not enough, I also have a day job as a painting conservator where I get to be around and fix paintings all day!

Follow my running adventures at @runLXSrun on Instagram and Twitter!


fullsizerender-11-.jpgAMANDA YU

My name is Amanda Yu and I reside in the suburbs of Atlanta. I am the Director of the Center for Healthful Living at Oxford College of Emory University, where our vision is to provide students with the resources to educate the mind and exercise the body. I was a cross country runner in high school and a casual 5k runner in college. It wasn't until I began my professional career that I started to explore distance running.

My first half marathon was in March 2011. My first marathon was in November 2013 and my first 50k was in June 2014. I completed my first 50-mile race in May 2015 and my first triathlon in August 2015. My favorite way to spend a Saturday is by running around on new trails for hours. You can say I am a little addicted to running! I call myself a traveler, runner, dancer and foodie. I am also a puppy enthusiast. I'd be in heaven if I could travel around the world with my partner to run and eat while surrounded by dancing puppies. I am thankful for the support I have received from my family and friends; without their love, I would not be where I am today!  

Social Media links: Twitter: twitter.com/itsjustyu // Facebook:facebook.com/amanda.p.yu // Instagram: instagram.com/itsjustyu


ANNIE HOWLEYspandits-3.jpg

I am a former State Champion and All-American. I ran cross country and track for the University of Maine before moving to Boulder, Colorado to pursue a career in writing. I’m a new mother  and I am currently training for the 2020 Olympic Trials. I teach writing in Denver.










Hi, I'm Isabella but I go by Bella. I am 13 years old, originally from Maine, but now I live in Trinity, Fl. I have been running since I was in the 1st grade. I prefer to run on trails for longer distances but during track season I run the 800, 1500 and 400. My current personal bests are a 1:13:03 15k,18:11 5k, 4:45 1500, 5:29 mile, 1:02 400 and a 2:21 800. I am also a nationally ranked race walker and I play tennis, soccer and I golf. In all my sports I wear Spandits (I'd wear them to school if I could).   This year I am also trying to break the 5k 12 year old world record and will be wearing my Spandits every step of the way. You can follow my progress at http://www.athlinks.com/athletes/102260357/profile?tab-view=links

My mom doesn't allow me on any social sites yet other then Instagram but I'd love to see you in your Spandits and here you can see me in mine! http://instagram.com/p/kuTaI5y1az/



BETH GILBERTbeth-gilbert.jpg

I have been a business owner and fitness instructor of a fitness franchise for 25 years. I am Runner-Half Fanatics Member #14627!

I am married and have a 9 year old daughter named Grace.  My dad passed away a year or so ago after having heart issues for years and I always say I am running for him or running with heart for him.❤














Carly Pizzani is a proud boy mama to a toddler and a newborn, an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, the author of the fitness blog Fine Fit Day (http://finefitday.com), a freelance writer, and an ex-pat Aussie living in Brooklyn, NY. She loves running, lifting weights, yoga, spin class, swimming, running around with her boys — basically anything active. 

Carly is at heart a runner and has run races of many distances, from 1 mile all the way up to the marathon. Her favorite distance to race is the half marathon. During both of her pregnancies, she continued running to 37 weeks.

Keeping mamas (and mamas-to-be) fit, healthy and motivated is what she loves most about her job.

You can connect with Carly on Twitter (http://twitter.com/carlypizzani), Facebook (http://facebook.com/FineFitDay), Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/carlypizzani), and Instagram (http://instagram.com/carlypizzani).




image1.jpgI'm the voice behind the running blog MaineMomOnTheRun.com. I was a high school and collegiate track athlete who took time off after school to start a family with my husband, Ian. I returned to running in 2011 following the birth of my boys, Zeke, seven, and Finn, five.  Since then, I've run four half marathons and three full marathons, as well as a number of shorter distances, including a 5-mile race while pushing my boys in a double stroller on a 94-degree day in July! In addition to running, I enjoy renovating my home and baking cakes.

Social media links:  Blog: mainemomontherun.com // Twitter: www.twitter.com/mainemomrunning // Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Maine-Mom-on-the-Run // Instagram: www.instagram.com/mainemomrunning






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I am lucky enough to live in the trail-heaven of the Mendocino Coast in Northern California. I have the perfect playground for training for my favorite sports - ultra running and horseback endurance riding. When time is short, it's not unusual to see me take my horse for a run, so we both get our workout in! I may not be fast, but I make up for it in determination and hard work. My ultimate goal is to both ride the Tevis Cup, and run the Western States 100. 







DEB ASELTINEimg-2050.png

I am clearly one of, if not the oldest member of the Spandits team. So when I say 44 years of running, it is true.  Running is just a way of life for me as it is for so many.  It has brought many years of joy. It has taught me how to breathe through even the toughest challenges. 

I am a Maine girl, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a reader, a non profit director, a Hattie lover, a marathoner but most importantly to me, I am a survivor. I really do not wear the cancer patch on my sleeve, but 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with an advance stage cancer and decided after a challenging year, I pledged I would do something meaningful, a way to give back. So, my passion for running led me to initiating a running program for girls in our region.  Fit Girls of Wilton Maine is a running and reading program for girls in 4th, 5th and 6th grades.  It is more than running; it gives girls an opportunity to exercise their minds and bodies while developing a greater self awareness and confidence.  We are now in our 5th year and have served close to 400 girls.  I am so proud of them, as well as, the volunteers who support their efforts.  

Seven years ago, when Kelley brought her cross country girls team to support me and run in my first Dempsey Challenge,  I knew there was something special about encouraging young girls to reach, challenge themselves all while instilling a greater kindness.  It is something we try to do everyday at Fit Girls.  

At Fit Girls, we always stress the FUN! If it is not fun, why do it?  I am happy to be part of the SPANDITS Ambassadors team this year because I believe in the FUN they create with all their products. If it’s not fun, why wear it? 



debweldon.jpgDEBRA WELDON

I’m Debra, a small town runner from Sweet Home Alabama. I haven’t always loved running. In fact, I hated it growing up. My mom asked me to do my first 5K with her on her birthday in the Spring of 2012, and I’ve been hooked ever since then. Running challenges and inspires me to chase dreams that I never thought possible. I started with 5K’s, my first goal to just run one without stopping to walk. Then, I challenged myself to new distances: the 8K, 10K, 15K, half marathon, and full marathon. My confidence has grown with each goal that I’ve achieved. Running has taught me that no dream is too big, if you have the courage to chase it.

Blog- http://www.happyrunningsole.blogspot.com

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/HappyRunningSole

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/happyrunningsole/








My mantra on the road is the running equivalent of Carolina Pulled Pork – Low and Slow. I believe we can run and improve ourselves without destroying the machinery that propels us forward. Downshifting on general runs by running and walking allows us to run more regularly and more consistently without the common maladies that plague many runners: shin splints, plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome, etc. I started running consistently about six years ago and suffered from a wide variety of those common problems until recovery from a herniated disc led me to commit to consistent run/walk strategies. Since then, I have completed three official marathons (Burlington VT, Bay of Fundy International, and Newport RI), paced a friend as race support for the Sugarloaf, ME marathon, and completed four other marathon distances this past year, as training for my 2016 goal of running 50 classic marathon routes in 50 states, in 50 weeks. At the time I am joining the Spandits!® Ambassador Team, I have completed 19 of those 50 marathon routes, finishing the next 31 in my first 7 months as an Ambassador. You can follow my journey at GloboRun.com.



GRETCHEN MORROWfullsizerender-1-.jpg

I am a physician's assistant who lives and practices in central Maine. I have a passion for running, exercise and healthy living. My husband is wonderful and supportive in all my endeavors and a runner himself! Together, we are raising our two little boys, ages 2 and 3!

Social media links:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/gmorrowhines/









JASMINE BROOKSfullsizerender-3-.jpg

I am a MAINE mom of two beautiful girls, pharmacy technician, marathon maniac, ultra runner and trail lover. I absolutely LOVE the running community and what it has to offer. Running has turned into my passion. I enjoy testing my own limits and pushing my body. I not only run for ME, but I run for my girls. I run to teach them that you can do hard things!! Running is comparable to overall life because you get out of it exactly what you put into it. I run for my freedom and my sanity. I run from my emotions, my problems, the unknown and LIFE. Running has given me strength, confidence and patience. But mostly, it makes me feel fully alive. It's a never-ending journey of pushing the mind and body to the max...and this is why I RUN...the further, the better. ♡♡♡♡ #runfar


Maine mommy

I am a 38 year old mother of 2 fabulous, runner kids and wife to a life long runner and marathoner.  Iblog at Running With The Girls.  I started blogging 4 years ago as a way to share my experiences in running with my girlfriends and training for various races.  

I started running just over 9 years ago as a way to shed the baby weight I put on after my first child and haven't stopped since.  I've run a variety of distances from 5ks to marathons.    

This year I'm taking my running to a new level.  I've run 2 marathons so far in 2015; bringing my total up to 5 so far.  Marathon #3 for the year will be this November when I run the Philadelphia Marathon.  (which will bring my marathon total to #6!) I'm also running Mount Washington this June and aiming to complete my first triathlon this July with Tri for a Cure.  And of course I'll be wearing my Spandits for the swim, bike and run!   

I teach HS Math at Gardiner Area HS and absolutely love my job.  I also coach Summer Youth Track and Couch to 5k.  

I fell in love with Spandits over 3 years ago and have quite the Spandits collection.  I am beyond excited to represent this family run Maine owned company!  

Social Media Links: Blog: www.runningwiththegirls.com  // Twitter: https://twitter.com/RunningWTG // Instagram: https://instragram.com/runningwtg // Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/runningwtg



Hey guys, I'm Jen but my close friends call me "Sprinkles." This nickname was given to me in 2012 when I was thru hiking the 2184.2 mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  Since then, I've thru hiked the Benton MacKaye Trail, Long Trail, and half of the Finger Lakes Trail across New York State.  I've also completed the 900 maintained trail miles in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  I currently work as a hiking and backpacking guide in the Smokies, guiding everything from hour-long nature walks to week-long backpacking trips.  I specialize in teaching women backcountry skills and love teaching beginners how to backpack successfully.  I am also trained in wilderness medicine and am a Wilderness First Responder.  When hiking, I prefer to carry my valuables on me. It was because of my suggestion, that Spandits!® now offers the pocket a la carte!  

When I'm not busy navigating trips in the backcountry of the southern Appalachians, I am a runner.  I recently completed my first marathon in April 2016 and am looking forward to completing an ultra marathon in the near future.  You can follow all my adventures as a runner and hiker over on my blog - http://sprinkleshikes.com

Social Media Links: Instagram: @SprinklesHikes // Facebook: fb.me/sprinkleshikes  // Twitter: twitter.com/sprinkleshikes



I have always enjoyed being outdoors, soaking up the beauty of nature and this great earth. I caught the disc golf bug in 2007, when I met my husband. Some of our first dates were on a disc golf course. At the time, he was a very casual player and I was new and not very good.

Once you’re hooked, it’s hard to stay away! In 2009, I played in my first PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) tournament, where there was only one other female competing! Generally, there were at most four other women participating, compared to 65 or more men. Over the years, I started to meet more females, but the numbers were still relatively low and scattered.

I researched and connected with more ladies from other states to see what they were doing for women's disc golf. At the end of that year, a group of women called the Disc On! Ladies League came to visit. I decided to join forces with them, in hopes of growing the community. Together we started leagues in a number of locations throughout Wisconsin. Since then, our ladies leagues have expanded to Detroit, MI and Quad Cities, Iowa--all with the goal to get more women playing and competing in tournaments and leagues.

In 2014, I had the honor of joining the board of the PDGA Women's Committee and within a year, I decided to start my own business Ladies First Disc Golf. This is an e-commerce site that caters to the female disc golf, discs ladies throw, apparel we wear and accessories we love!

Disc golf is my life. It feeds my soul on so many levels. The people I have met have become my friends and family. If you are not familiar with disc golf and love nature, parks and playing games, I am happy to offer advice on how to get started. It is a walk in the park with a purpose.

Cheers, and best wishes!



Hello! Hau Mitakuyepi ('Hello, my relatives' in my Lakota language)! My name is Jordan Marie Daniel. I am a member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe. I was born in South Dakota, moved to Maine when I was nine, and started running at ten.  I had a wonderful coach who helped me realize that running is what I wanted to keep doing in high school and beyond. I graduated from the University of Maine, Orono, Class of 2011, where I competed at a D1 level in the Cross Country and Track and Field programs. I then competed for New Balance Boston, post-collegiate. 

I currently live in Washington, DC, where I advocate for Native Americans. Health, fitness & wellness are incredibly important to me. Billy Mills and my grampy, Nyal Brings, are my idols when it comes to running.  The 2016 Boston Marathon was my first as a NB/Team Indigenous runner, a group that I created.  I can't wait for another marathon - hopefully the California International Marathon this December!

I really value family owned companies and can't wait to spread the word about Spandits!®, while showing mine off!  I hope to make some heads turn, as I run around the national monuments and compete in races with people shouting, "I love those tights, where can I get them?!" Happy miles, happy smiles, and see you on the roads and trails!

Social Media: Twitter (@_NativeInDC), Instagram (@run_jm_dc), Facebook (Native In DC facebook page)



I am a co-founder of ZaoFit, a ministry focusing on helping people get fit holistically. I have a heart for working with women and helping them live healthier lives. I started running in 2008, and enjoy leading running groups and “stay active” challenges. I work at West Valley Hospital in Dallas, OR and have three beautiful children. My favorite way to stay active is running. I recently ran my ninth marathon and my dream is to qualify for Boston! You can read more about me on my blog http://lifesimplywithjulie.blogspot.com/


KAREN SCAMMELLkscammell-sculling-2-.jpg

Hi, I am the first ROWING ambassador for Spandits!®.  I met Sarah at a mutual friends' wedding in Trinidad when she trekked in her Anywhere Dress with the wedding party through a stream leading to a fabulous waterfall where we played and swam. 

I am a single sculler, which means I row on my own in my cranberry colored shell (but with a group of other rowers) and I compete at the Masters level against national competition.  We are the ones on the water at 5:30 am, who you drive by perhaps in your car and wonder, ‘what is wrong with these people?!’  I love to be outdoors and there is truly no better way to start a day than on the Merrimack River when it is calm and flat and the bald eagles, blue herons and ducks are enjoying the day too.  I don't have a Twitter or Instagram because I am a VP Sales for a High Tech company that consumes about 60 hours a week including global travel, but you can look me up on Facebook and track us at www.merrimackrowing.org.  Rowers will love the tights, and boardies for rowing - they are so comfy and do not ride up or bunch up when you are rowing or racing.  Women rowers - try the skirt or the dresses for after your row where you can put this on over your uni-suit or trous and look great! 






fullsizerender-10-.jpgKATIE DAVIS

I love being active, outside and around the community.  I enjoy long distance running.  I didn't start running until 2011 and ran my first marathon in October of 2014 in 3:40:00.  I am a member of Team Red, White & Blue (RWB) and am inspired to encourage exercise, volunteerism and socialization among veterans and civilians.  So far, my favorite pattern is the Patriotic Dragon!  When I am not running, you will find me kayaking, hiking, cross training and baking!  I am passionate about supporting local businesses and am thankful for this wonderful opportunity to spread the good word about Spandits!® Follow me @kdavis82512!









I am Kiersten, a 30-something runner from Maine. I started running in college to stay in shape after quitting competitive gymnastics. Running doesn't come easily to me, but I love the way it makes me feel, the running friends I've made, and the places running has taken me. Last year, I finally accomplished my goal of running a marathon on all seven continents! It was an 8 year adventure that took me to Antarctica, Italy, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, and Morocco. I've also eaten ice cream on all 7 continents- but that doesn't seem to impress people as much! Now I'm using running mostly to keep me sane as I finish up an accelerated nursing program and start a new career! I'm a certified yoga teacher, a loyal Maniac, an ice cream addict, a beach bum, a lover of the outdoors, a Girls on the Run coach, and a proud doggie Mom. 

You can follow my adventures at www.mainelyrun.blogspot.com and on Instagram @KierstenDawn






LAURA LOHRscreen-shot-2016-06-15-at-12.46.40-pm.png

More than just an alliteration, I'm a wife, mom, runner, technology geek, lifestyle blogger, fitness enthusiast, world traveler and social media lover!

My name is Laura Lohr. I have been writing about my running adventures and other things I love on my blog, LauraLohr.com, since 2005. I am a San Diego transplant, living in Temecula's wine country, in Southern California. I have been a fitness and health enthusiast for most of my life. I started training for my first marathon in 2005, only to find out a month before the race, that I'd be blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I didn't get to run that race, but came back the next year, to run the San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon, six months post-partum!  

I've recently returned to my running passion after a hiatus. I've lost 50 pounds and I'm enjoying my renewed health and fitness. This year, I've run three half marathons: Carlsbad, La Jolla, and the Disney Tinkerbell Half Marathon. I'm looking forward to completing the America's Finest City Half Marathon in San Diego to receive my Triple Crown medal!

Follow me on my journey! 

Blog: http://lauralohr.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/MommyCanRun

Facebook: http://facebook.com/BeautifulLifeBlog or http://facebook.com/LauraLohr

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MommyCanRun


LISA HARTUNGfullsizerender-7-.jpg

Hi! My name is Lisa and I live in Cary, North Carolina, although I'll always be a lobstah loving Mainah at heart. The Tar Heel State provides year-round hiking, biking, and running trails that I very much enjoy frolicking on in Spandits!® any chance I get. Running has been a passion of mine since the third grade and any day is better after a three-miler, or so I say!

Being a Spandits!® Ambassador brings joy to my life, and I am inspired by fellow ambassadors' athletic endeavors and uplifting 'can-do' attitudes. After graduating from Bates College, I was in search of a team of which I had grown accustomed to throughout school. This group has provided a platform where athletes of all shapes and sizes from across the country come together to share stories, trials, and triumphs--all while wearing fun Spandits!®. For this, I am grateful. 

I enjoy being active in any way, laughing my way through the day, and connecting with family and friends. Did I mention my love of cooking, traveling, and a nice glass of wine/beer? Pick a place in the world and let's visit it--and while we're there, let's do a race too. My goal is to compete in one marathon per year with shorter races sprinkled in there for a change of pace and to maintain speed. Racing allows me to stay focused, maintain balance in my life, and enjoy time outside. It's also important not to take life too seriously, so I love training in my gear because Spandits!® makes everything much more fun! 

For updates on Instagram, follow me @Lisahartung87!




Marcia is a Chicago-area runner, yogi, budding triathlete and mom of two feisty girls. When she's not training for marathons, you'll find her out paddling her kayak or digging in the garden. Follow her adventures at http://marciashealthyslice.com.
















Hi, I’m Mary Beth, MB to most.  I’m a fitness enthusiast, blogger, wife, mom/stepmom and full-time health care professional.  I started running and walking in 2012 and completed both the Disney Princess and Wine & Dine half marathons.  The love of the girls run-cation began!  Caught up in all the fun and enthusiasm, Tutus and Tennies was launched in the fall of 2013.  My goals are to motivate, celebrate fun run adventures, great friends, fun fashion, cool products and travel!  I believe it is never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle!  You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.









My name is Maya Bernier and I'm an alpine racer at Carrabassett Valley Academy in Maine. I've been racing for 11 years now. I went to U19 National championship for the second time and US nationals in Sun Valley Idaho for the first time this year. In the past year, I've developed a passion for running races and have found myself determined to work my way up the ranks in running as well. I'm super excited to be able to be a part of Spandits!® and look forward to sharing my success with everyone. 



I started running in October 2011, with the ambitious plan of running a marathon in a year.  Training for a yearwas enough to develop a running addiction, so that first marathon (Mount Desert Island, 2012) was just the beginning!  You can identify me on the trails and roads by my persistent smile (even at mile 25) and my Spandits running gear, which has been a trademark since Marathon #1! Check out my blog at https://haveplaqueswillrun.wordpress.com/.




SHELLEY BISHOP KOENIGfullsizerender-14-.jpg

I am a mother of two with a MS in geochemistry from the University of Idaho.  I currently work as a high school chemistry teacher and administrator at Carrabassett Valley Academy in western Maine. I love wearing fun, feminine outfits when I run or workout. Great outfits always seem to make even the most grueling workouts and races more fun. I am an endurance obstacle course and adventure racer and have been enjoying the ride traveling and competing throughout the world in these fun events. Notable resume includes: 2X Spartan Summer Death Race finisher (female winner 2012), First Female Sine Nomine 2015, (Mt. Washington) Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon (3rd solo female 2014, 4th solo female 2015, 2016), 2nd solo female North Country Endurance Challenge (cycle, run, kayak) 2014, Official Finisher Untamed New England Expedition Adventure race 2014, and runner-up OC-2 ACA Whitewater Canoe Nationals 2015. I currently keep a blog at Filthycleanliving.blogspot.com where posts cover race nutrition, event recaps, training strategies and balancing personal goals with the life of a busy working mother. Keep an eye out for me in my Spandits! at this summer’s the ACA Whitewater Open Canoe National Championships and The Bitter Pill AR this summer!

Social media links:  Blog: Filthycleanliving.blogspot.com // Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/…/Filthy-Clean-Liv…/313100732130687


SMITHA ARONSfullsizerender-13-.jpg

The SD stands for San Diego but it also stands for Serena, my 6 1/2 year old daughter and Drew, my 9 year old son.

I hated running in high school, even as a long jump and triple jumper on my track team. I did not pick up running again until 2013 at the age of 35 in an effort to get my pre-baby body back. I have run 17 half marathons and plan to do 2 more by the end of 2016. I have also run 3 Full marathons and will do 1 more by Summer 2017, in Spandits!® gear of course!

When I am not running and not running after my kids, I am a full-time attorney.  In my spare (?) time, I love to read, cook and drink beer with my husband.





Social media links: Blog:www.runningwithsdmom.com // Twitter: twitter.com/RunningwithSD // Facebook: www.facebook.com/sdmomof2 // Instagram: instragram.com/runningwithsd



STEPHANIE COWENfullsizerender-12-.jpg

Hi! I am Marathon Mama Running On Faith! I am married to my best friend and we have four awesome children. I grew up in the bluegrass state of Kentucky and lived there 32 years. In 2008, we moved to the beautiful mountains of Colorado at 8,000 ft elevations. My family and I moved from CO to Sunny San Diego in 2014 and we love living by the ocean.

I starting running in 6th grade and was on the Varsity track & cross-country team running a 5:06 mile. I finally found something that made me feel good about myself and I loved it! I was on a youth USA team and ran a half marathon in Australia when I was 15.

I continued my ambitions in running after marriage and having children. Sixteen years ago when I was six months pregnant with our second child, I was in a car accident and fractured my pelvis in several places, fractured my hips and broke my back. After much trauma, physical therapy and back surgery, I was advised to hang up my running shoes. That is all it took to give me the ambition to run again! I have since completed four ultra marathons, 16 full marathons, 21 half marathons and more 10k and 5k races than I can count! I hope to qualify for Boston this year, as I am just a few minutes off! 

Every mile I run is a gift and I am thankful for each step. I run to encourage others to never give up and follow their dreams! I run for those who can't.


Hi, I’m Vicki!  I live in Houston, TX with my husband and six fur babies. I began running in junior high school and have always loved it!  I am looking forward to running my first marathon in January. In addition to running, I enjoy yoga, reading, cooking and traveling. 

Social media links: 

Blog: fueledbycarrots.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/fueledbycarrots

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/fueledbycarrots/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fueledbycarrots

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